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Digital Information

Epson based DJet - double sided proofing solution

The new DJet is capable, for example, of printing up to 40 double-sided printing blocks of 70 x 100 cm (8-up) per hour.
Digital Information remains at the forefront of cutting edge technology with the all new DJet. The DJet is an innovative new printing system for the economical production of short runs featuring Epson quality, as well as an ultra-fast inkjet print solution for the output of double-sided imposition proofs. The DJet is a smart investment which yields significant returns. Read more

DI-Plot - The Missing Link

With JDF enabled DI-Plot, we have designed outstanding proofing software for a wide range of digital offset printing machines, computer-to-plate systems and film imagesetters. Any color printer or plotter can be used for printout. Read more


The InkZone concept for presetting the ink keys on offset printing machines is making life easier for printers: they are saving money and gaining time; at the same time, they are achieving considerable increases in quality and productivity.

InkZone smoothes the way into a future with JDF: JDF files supplied from the workflow or bitmap or CIP3 data that has been converted by DI-Plot into the Job Definition Format are then converted by InkZone into the required preset control commands for the specific machine. As a direct continuation of the preset function, the Closed Loop technology is responsible for non-stop control of the printing machine and compliance with print production standards. Read more

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