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InkZone Connect

InkZone Card

InkZone Card: direct connection

InkZone Card for online connection of MAN roland and Heidelberg printing machines
As an online system, InkZone Card augments InkZone Box, the globally successful offline solution. InkZone Card is used with machines from Heidelberg and MAN Roland. As an online system, it is the obvious choice when production is on one printing machine only, or when the online principle is preferred for technological reasons.
InkZone Card takes on the function of e.g. Heidelberg's Job Memory Card or MAN Roland's Chipcard and connects the machine control station via Ethernet to prepress. Ink zone values are brought into line with individual printing conditions by the software package supplied, converted to the specific machine format, and saved online to the machine control system via InkZone Card. InkZone Card also accepts CIP4/JDF files from the prepress workflow and converts them into the specific machine format for presetting the ink zones. InkZone Card supports JDF-based ink zone presetting in all heterogeneous machine environments.

InkZone Strip: preset in Japanese

Control unit for InkZone Strip and InkZone Tape
With InkZone Strip, the winning strengths of InkZone technology can now be put to full use on offset machines from manufacturers Akiyama, Komori and Mitsubishi. InkZone Strip replaces the magnetic strip readers normally used on these machines. Tedious handling of sensitive magnetic strips and the associated risk of errors are now a thing of the past. Thanks to InkZone Strip, the preset data can be transmitted - online and secure – from prepress to the machine control station.

InkZone Tape: Planeta machines live longer with

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simple operation for every user
Planeta machines are used untiringly in many operations. But although their mechanical components guarantee excellent printing quality, the Fuji and WPC consoles used on these machines are not state-of-the-art. InkZone Tape achieves the same high-quality printing results, but faster and cheaper. The magnetic strip reader is simply replaced by InkZone Tape. After the transfer of preset data online, the ink slides travel into position automatically and precisely.

All InkZone connect products also accepting CIP4/JDF files from the prepress workflow and convert them into the specific machine format for controlling the ink keys. InkZone Connect supports JDF-based ink zone presetting in all heterogeneous machine environments.

Adjustment of the calculated preset data to the actual ink key values set on the printing machine enables continuous process optimisation, while the associated set-up times approach the absolute minimum. Naturally, individual jobs can be copied from the control station back to the computer and will be readily available for repeat orders.

A detailed description of the supported presses and consoles can be obtained here as a PDF file.