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Digital Information

Output Data of DI-Plot

The following output formats can be generated from the input data converted by DI-Plot:

Windows XP/Windows 7 Graphic Device Interface Data (GDI)

DI-Plot continually transmits the files that it has reduced in resolution (e.g. down to 300 DPI) to the Windows Graphic Device Interface. Any printer with a matching Windows driver can be connected! The range of possible printers, plotters, or proofers is practically unlimited. The parameters pertaining to each printer, such as paper format, portrait or landscape orientation, screening process etc., can be defined through the Windows printer driver. A list of the print-out devices that we have tested is included at the end of this page.

TIFF, EPS and PDF files

DI-Plot writes these file types in the desired output resolution (e.g. 300 DPI, 720 DPI, etc.). These files can then be used as required.

CIP3/4 Files

DI-Plot can, simultaneously with the form proof, generate CIP3/4 files for printing machine ink-zone control. These files can be processed by all familiar control systems (e.g. Heidelberg CPC32, MAN-Roland Pecom).

Color management with ICC profiles

DI-Plot is CMS-enabled. In this version, the integration of ICC profiles is also possible. Including the profile of the output-device used for actual printing (offset or newspaper press, digital printing system, etc.), a form proof can be shown to the customer which corresponds to the final printing process, also with regard to color reproduction.

Deimposing and splitting of panorama page

One innovation of interest to the commercial printing and newspaper sectors is the Deimposing function. Complete, assembled bitmap forms for sheet-fed offset can, either automatically or according to user parameters, be split into smaller formats (single or double pages, for example) and produced on small-format printing systems. De-imposing enables newspaper producers to split panorama pages automatically for running proofs off laser color printers.

InkZone Files (XML/JDF)

DI-Plot can - simultaneously with the form proof - generate InkZone files (XML/JDF) for offset printing machine ink-zone control with InkZone Pilot.

Some Printers, Plotters, & Proofers we have tested

We have succesfully tested a broad range of output devices with DI-Plot. E.g. printers and plotters from Epson, HP, Canon, Xerox, OKI, etc. If you have any questions regarding the compatibility of your output device with DI-Plot, do not hesitate to contact us or our distribution partners.