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Digital Information



What is InkZone?

A short overview about our InkZone product line. Get the first picture here.

InkZone Move Software

The ultimate driver for scanning instruments from X-Rite and Techkon.

InkZone Move Hardware

Scanning instruments from X-Rite and Techkon.
Fast, accurate and simple.

InkZone Perfect

The perfect digital ink key preset solution for offset printing presses.

InkZone Loop

Complete color control for offset printers. Compliant with standards from Ugra, Fogra, ISO, PIA/GATF, etc.

InkZone Connect

Get your press connected. Electronic solutions for analog equipment.

InkZone Report

The InkZone Report software package, available for X-Rite and Techkon scanning instruments as well as Digital Information’s InkZone Move soft- ware, has been developed to analyze and display how well current press work matches print industry standards such as ISO or G7.

InkZone Fountain

Powerful, advanced nanofiber filtration technology for stable conditions in offset printing. InkZone fountain keeps your fountain solution clean and green.